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New Units
BCU members are automatically members of the BCU Lifeguards. However to become a registered Lifeguard Unit you must meet the following requirements:

BCU Lifeguards actively invite new units to form, and so are happy to provide help, support and assistance for any new unit struggling to meet the minimum requirements. That includes providing additional training, outside of our National Convention if required.

There are many benefits of becoming a BCU Lifeguard Unit if you are already providing some sort of safety/rescue cover for local events. Even if you do not currently provide any sort of safety/rescue cover, but look to do so in the near future then it still may be worth becoming either a Lifeguard unit or affiliated club.

By becoming either a Lifeguard Unit or affiliated club you are automatically covered by the BCU Lifeguards public liability insurance whilst on safety/rescue covers as well as having access to a BCU Lifeguard trainers and assessors throughout the UK.

There is no fee to become a BCU Lifeguard Unit or Affiliated Club. If you have any further questions or queries about joining the BCU Lifeguards then please contact the National Secretary.