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BCU Lifeguards are a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation who's objectives are to:

1. Organise and operate Canoe Lifeguard Services
2. Develop coastal and inland water rescue techniques
3. Liaise with other National organisations on Lifesaving and Lifeguarding
4. Promote Canoe lifeguarding to other organisations
5. Act as a rescue and safety co-ordinating agency for the BCU

In relation to the objectives, the officers of the BCU Lifeguards at national and regional (English) level set a high standard of canoeing, safety and rescue. They promote, train and advise groups within the United Kingdom or overseas in all aspects of safety and rescue pertaining to canoeing; may advise and assist Local Authorities in times of emergency; provide safety cover when requested and may organise escorts and give advice to leaders and organisers for canoe expeditions, long distance swims, etc.

The BCU Lifeguards are committed to development and technical research of rescue canoes, safety and rescue equipment for canoeists and canoe lifeguards, providing authority for the purchase of official BCU Lifeguards equipment and Rescue Kayaks by qualified persons. They formulate, administer and provide training and assessment for BCU Lifeguard awards from Canoe Safety Test through to Canoe Lifeguard Coach.